There is a new kid on the block!

  • 24th January, 2019

Are you a green tea lover? Well, guess what, there’s a new kid in town and it’s not just another green tea but one with a huge difference! Welcome to INDIAN BREW, a brand with an aim to introduce a collection of highest quality pure, green teas to India and the world.

Here’s why INDIAN BREW pours the perfect cup –

  • Because we ensure choicest of green teas, which retain the freshness and aromas of tea plantations
  • Because we delight our consumers in every sip with consistent taste and an affordable price
  • Because we cater to the growing segment of health-conscious, discerning consumers
  • Because our range of green teas are loaded with antioxidants
  • Because we ensure the greatest possible purity in our teas
  • Because we have created six (please check the number)  subtle, delicate blends that can be enjoyed by one and all

Recent events to introduce INDIAN BREW to tea drinkers –

Our team participated in the 10-day long 38th India International Trade Fair at the Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, India to showcase not only what we can offer but also brew opportunities in the tea business for prospective industry stakeholders. We exhibited INDIAN BREW’s collection of highest quality pure, green teas and received excellent reviews.

Tea of the month –

Ginger & mint green tea

This tangy tea blend balances ginger with mint leaves to bring a vibrant, refreshing taste to a premium green tea base. Carefully crafted with the highest quality ingredients, ginger, and peppermint, traditionally used to help support digestion, add intriguing flavor. Lemon juice can be added for an excellent natural cleansing effect while ginger and mint will also boost your immune system. Sit back and enjoy a cup of this spirited tea and refresh your well-being naturally on a chilly day. Believe us, this hot beverage is therapeutic. 

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