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Aesthete International Private Limited (AIPL), initially an international trading company, has now created INDIAN BREW with an aim to introduce a collection of highest quality pure, green teas to India and the world. INDIAN BREW constantly innovating and striving for excellence, is a connoisseur's delight.

Our team includes professionals who have worked on tea gardens, understand tea and the entire process from the garden to the brewing cup. Our long-standing experience enables us to provide customized tea-based beverage solutions to cater to a varied range of customer preference.

A passion for excellence and a yearning to promote and offer world-class green teas to our health conscious consumers is the prime ethos behind AIPL's venture into the business of tea. At INDIAN BREW, we are always on the lookout for strategic alliances and hope to enter into everlasting mutually beneficial relationships. While choosing our alliances, we ensure that the core values of both, INDIAN BREW and our partners, create a win-win situation.